2025 A.D. here I come!

Fanfare.. I’m back..

According to the Canadians, the society of automotive engineers thinks that 2025 is the year when SDCs will take over the roads. That’s only 12 years away, excellent! My current car is 13 years old, so my next car really will be the last one I buy that doesn’t drive itself.

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Where did ya go

… enter the mighty mighty bostones.

New gig, life changes, grad school… not as much time to blog about SDCs… T minus 10 days till I’m a lot free-er.

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Now we’re talking!

Holy Cow! I want to by a Chrysler, not the 200 it sucks but a Chrysler hybrid



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We’re ready Detroit!

“The views indicate that many new technologies are moving faster than consumers’ enthusiasm. But the survey added, “respondents are ready to pay extra to get smarter devices which do more things automatically – such as a driverless car” (Source)

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Self Driving Audi

A very nice SDC

Please send mind to Massachusetts

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Oh snap… your move Google

His guy had his SDC drive from ROME to CHINA Ok Google, time to have a fleet of cars all driving at the same time. Or give me one and I’ll put a huge number of miles on it I promise!

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But Dexter would have an SDC

Oh Dex,

Why lend your voice to this silliness.

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