Self Driving Car Superbowl ad?

Will Google be advertising it’s Self Driving Car in a super bowl ad tonight? No, not likely… this year anyway. But perhaps someday soon…

I can imagine a Bud Light and Google Marketing doing a hilarious joint ad. Here’s an advanced copy of the script I was able to get my hands on.

Fade in from Google White

Int. House Evening
A whole bunch of people are at a Superbowl party including JIM, and the HOST‘s dog. Drinking bud light and having a great time. After the game everyone goes to leave, clearly slightly drunk or very tired. Yet they head out to their cars. Except for Jim.

“Sorry JIM you still have a manual drive car.”

Ext. House Night
We see everyone else asleep in their self driving cars being driven safely home.

Int. House Night
We see Jim trying to sleep while uncomfortably attempting to share a couch with a great Dane.

Fade to Google and Bud light logos
“drink responsibility and let Google drive you home”


About Coleman Parker

MSEM student at Tufts Gordon Institute.
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