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A self driving 1989 Chevy Celebrity

Now that’s a self driving car worth owning. Apparently by 2002 at least Ed Stiles over at UA had gotten himself sorted out and was back on the hunt for the Self Driving Car. In 2002! You so gonna be … Continue reading

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I missed my chance to buy one!

Gog Darn-it. I missed my chance! Also I didn’t have $89,000, and still don’t. Which begs the question, how much will a self driving car cost anyway and whom will we pay? The manufacture, a single after market kit, or … Continue reading

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Not a good year for self driving cars. Only Space odysseys. This Firebird Turbine web site from Nov 3rd 2001, was the only mention I could find on self driving cars for that year. I guess the focus that year … Continue reading

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9 years left to prove Brad Lemley wrong

Brad wrote in October of 2000 about 20 things he felt won’t change in 20 years. Driving. In an August 1997 demonstration, eight cars carried hands-off “drivers” down a seven-mile stretch of the San Diego Freeway. Self-driving cars have obvious … Continue reading

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