Father of the Self Driving Car

Anthony Levandowski

Is he the father of the SDC? His work at Google is leading the way.

His work at Darpa, was impressive…

and it might have landed him his job at Google?

But is when we look back at the origins of SDC will Anthony be the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Don Estridge

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Why didn’t they ask me?

The best and the brightest hmm… ok I’m only a few weeks in here at SelfDrivingCar but by Late June this articles title will seem out of touch!


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Smart Cars, is a silly tag name but 49% of UKers are ready for them.

… too broad. Clearly SDC is better or Driver-less Car or SDAuto…

“That’s right, smart cars. These cars offer telling the driver when they have had too much to drink. Its estimated that approximate 11,000 people die in drunk driving related deaths annually, that’s 1 death every 48 minutes.” Source

“The survey found strong market potential for devices that can ease consumer frustrations and deliver clear benefits (in terms of saving money and time, making their lives easier and their homes more energy efficient.) About half of respondents (49 percent) said they would be comfortable using a driverless car.” Source

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Only 70K…

I’m not sure that 70K will buy you even one Self Driving Car. Come on GM? How about giving CMU like 10 cars and 700K to create a fleet of self driving cars! Now that would be news worthy!

Nice Pics though.

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Laying the Ground Work

Here are some good articles that talk about the basic “self driving car” innovations that current car manufacturers are incorporating into cars today that assist drivers.

This article focuses on the radar technology for surroundings detection and auto park.

This article talks about adaptive cruise control that follows and slows the car to avoid collisions.

This article talks about the auto brakes that prevent rear end accidents.

All of these features are base technologies for self driving cars. Step one, get all these technologies standard in more than 50% of new cars. Step 50 self driving cars.

Just 48 more steps to figure out.

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The blind and the drunks

Self driving car technology might first hit the markets only for people who have to have it.

Option 1: the blind. Can’t drive without a self driving or highly customized car. This article is about a semi-self driving car for the blind. It isn’t too far from here to completely self driving.

Option 2: Drunk Drivers. This article is about a drunk person getting in trouble behind the wheel. You can easily imagine a judge saying, “it’s self driving car or jail buddy you pick.”

Two very different lead users, but to important problems for society to solve.

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Job loses due to self driving cars

This post about insurance in the world of SDCs raising an interesting point. Who will lose there jobs to self driving cars?

Taxi drivers, limo drivers, bus drivers, (any point to point transit for cars.
Valets, Parking Garage attendants, meter maids (the car will just move itself when they come 🙂

Maybe more…

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