Falling behind

Can you believe I’m falling behind. I thought there would be very little on SDCs but I get two or three Google alerts a day.

I’ve just expanded to follow Autonomous driving as well. This little GM car drives itself and is tiny. Could SDCs open up new car markets?

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I’m very jealous of the people of Pittsburgh

Forget about the Superbowl, the lucky people of Pittsburgh get to here about self driving cars, straight from the source.Chris Urmson is giving a talk about the Google Self Driving Care project. I am wicked Jealous. Can someone send me transcript or a plane ticket?

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Two things you won’t have to worry about in a world with SDCs

OK, my Google alerts miss fire sometimes so these aren’t exactly relevant… but here are two articles you won’t have to worry about when you have a Self Driving Car.

Moving your car across country… because it will just move its self.

Relearning how to drive after a long period of not driving… because the car won’t ever forget.


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Self Driving Car Superbowl ad?

Will Google be advertising it’s Self Driving Car in a super bowl ad tonight? No, not likely… this year anyway. But perhaps someday soon…

I can imagine a Bud Light and Google Marketing doing a hilarious joint ad. Here’s an advanced copy of the script I was able to get my hands on.

Fade in from Google White

Int. House Evening
A whole bunch of people are at a Superbowl party including JIM, and the HOST‘s dog. Drinking bud light and having a great time. After the game everyone goes to leave, clearly slightly drunk or very tired. Yet they head out to their cars. Except for Jim.

“Sorry JIM you still have a manual drive car.”

Ext. House Night
We see everyone else asleep in their self driving cars being driven safely home.

Int. House Night
We see Jim trying to sleep while uncomfortably attempting to share a couch with a great Dane.

Fade to Google and Bud light logos
“drink responsibility and let Google drive you home”

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Self Driving Blogs

I’m trying out Ping.fm. This will allow me to maintain my blog at WordPress, blogger and Tumblr.

We’ll see how it goes.

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It’s a collection of cars all driving them selves while they follow a crazy big truck. Volvo is working with a bunch of other companies on a Project called SARTRE, which is a ridiculous name, but a kind cool idea.

The project aims to encourage a step change in personal transport usage by developing of environmental road-trains called platoons.

Systems will be developed facilitating the safe adoption of road trains on un-modified public highways with interaction with other traffic.

A scheme will be developed whereby a lead vehicle with a professional driver will take responsibility for a platoon. Following vehicles will enter a semi-autonomous control mode that allows the driver of the following vehicle to do other things that would normally be prohibited for reasons of safety; for example, operate a phone, reading a book or watching a movie.”

They just released a cool video which I posted about earlier

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Self Driving Car Train

Morning Campers, new flash! Our fine friends in Europe over at SARTRE call it a Auto Train, but this is the self driving car blog, so changes had to be made. I think the video below speaks louder than words.

Here is a very cool video, posted all over the web: here, here and here of and course here.

Oh and I guess now HERE (warning self referencing link, it’s like putting a mirror in-front of another mirror)

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